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Chief Operating Officer

Alain KERGOAT has worked in diverse management positions : sales, marketing, strategy and innovation, in large international Information & Communication Technology groups (HP, TOSHIBA …). He moved to the smart building and smart cities sector in 2011 when he contributed to one of the first major smart city projects in France in the LYON Confluence district.

In 2016, he co-founded URBAN PRACTICES, a consulting firm dedicated to supporting the digital transition at different urban scales, from building to territory. He has successfully led more than 20 projects for public and private clients : project owners, real estate companies, real estate management, district developers … on missions ranging from strategic framing to full support as a digital advisor.

In parallel to his activities at Urban Practices, Alain KERGOAT has been involved in the development of the SBA (Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities) since the beginning, and has been contributing to it as a program director since 2017.

Alain KERGOAT is an accredited professional on the following smart building labels : R2S, Wiredscore and Smartscore.