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Christian ROZIER


Through his dual career in the industrial and construction sectors, Christian ROZIER has acquired a wealth of experience in the implementation of quality and project management processes. For the past 10 years, he has led numerous projects in the field of building management, from the programming phase to the design and implementation phases. His areas of expertise in building and energy are closely associated with the design of very high environmental performance buildings and more particularly with positive energy office and housing buildings, in compliance with a constructive cost.

Christian ROZIER co-founded URBAN PRACTICES in 2016 and serves as its president. In addition, he chairs the Smart Building Alliance’s (SBA) Building Eco Renovation & Digital Commission and actively participates in the development of the industry’s work to promote the deployment of services at the building and territory level in a global cost, cross-functional, multi-use approach, to demonstrate that these services are opportunities for real estate asset development.